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Welcome and Thank You!
- Julie Marr, Maps with a Mission

You are the reason Maps with a Mission is able to help so many people around the world! - Thank you, Julie Marr

Maps with a Mission logo - Julie Marr
Since 2013

History of Maps with a Mission

After going to Belize, where I met young pastors involved in these growing churches, I had the idea of starting my ministry. In 2013, I began getting involved with people from Pakistan and Kenya, Africa and Port Jacques, Haiti. 

In Lahore, Pakistan we started out with 50 kids and now we have over almost 1200 to 1500 kids every week in our kids club program called New Beginnings with Maps with a mission there.

During COVID I was able to meet with wonderful people in different areas who wanted to join up the team and spread the gospel by giving out bibles, and also helping feed the orphans that they were all associated with.

Parent company: Aerial 7 logos Maps was founded in 1983 - Pasadena, California. Faith-built through education from Perspectives in World Missions by Ralph Winter himself and William Carey.

Born again in November 1980. Endorsed by 100 evangelists world-wide. Our calling is personal but transparent. Respect all nationalities and love the poor amongst us without judgement! We’re all in the same Body of Christ. Please read the Prayer of St. Francis. World-wide and hated by Satan. We will step in the Serpents head while fighting for the gospel. We are Warriors and fighters for God. Angels protect us and the Word guides us!!!

Welcome to New Beginnings with Maps with a Mission!

Every day is a chance to give God the Glory and thank you for helping God's children throughout the World.

Helping orphanages throughout the world - Maps with a Mission

Maps with a Mission ✨✝️Ministry Statement

This is the long winding road with Jesus. Not in a limousine or Johnny Dodge Ram truck but an uphill road with our cross trudging upward toward the King of Heaven who gives us our orders as servants .... as fellow heirs in the kingdom! We’re not “of the world 🌍 “ flying around to spend our money on luxuries but IN the world to serve under His authority against the majority with the Minority - being hot 🥵 or cold- marching together like a colony of ants - and not into a trap ...... not into a web of false doctrines but into the light 💡 carrying a torch for Christ ready to set apathy on fire 🔥. We’re rich in Christ not in worldly wealth! 
- JAM - not Spam !

Meet Julie Marr aka JAM

She has been sharing her story with many.

My ministry from the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - Stands for “Miracles and Prayers spreading!”

All over the world without compromise or unethical so called believers. We believe in the inerrant Word of the Bible from heaven: King James 1611 Bible And the English Standard Bible. New American Standard and the original Bible with the Apocrypha.

Listen to Julie's story at: Warriors in Christ - February 14, 2023

Contact Julie
Julie Marr - Evangilist and keynote speaker

Julie Marr, Evangelist and Keynote Speaker

Julie is a passionate missionary, committed to spreading the gospel and aiding the underprivileged. With a journey that began in Belize and led her to Pakistan, Kenya, and Haiti, she has touched countless lives through her ministry, Maps with a Mission.

Julie's work doesn't stop at preaching the gospel; she is also involved in providing food for orphans in various regions. Her commitment to helping the poor, regardless of nationality, is a testament to her strong faith and love for humanity. Julie was born again in November 1980 and has since been endorsed by 100 evangelists worldwide, making her a true warrior for God.

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How to Support Maps with a Mission and New Beginnings Ministry

Maps with a Mission is a 501c3.

We are a 501c3.

Our official 501c3 for New Beginnings - Maps With A Mission. 100% since 3-17-23!

There are so many ways you are able to help.

Our donations are gathered by creating maps for various communities or by in-kind monetary donations. 

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Maps with a Mission - Julie Marr - New Beginnings - 501c3

Your donation of $10-25+ is appreciated!

All Creatures Great and Small - subscription boxes - Maps with a Mission - Julie Marr

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How to support Maps with a Mission and New Beginnings Ministry.

With your donation we are able to help the orphanages by sending them monetary donations for food, school supplies, and bibles.

Every little bit helps, our US Dollar goes VERY far in most all of the countries we help. 

All Creatures Great and Small - subscription boxes - Maps with a Mission - Julie Marr

All Creatures Great and Small - Available now (limited supply, shipping available)

Julie has the biggest heart. She has curated this box just for you or a loved one!

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About our donations

Our donations are sent to Pakistan and Haiti through Western Union. We use Sendwave to send our donations to Kenya and Nairobi.

These are both safe forms of giving. We are sending $100-$150 in donations a week.  

Spreading love and peace - Maps with a Mission - Julie Marr

My dream is to reward all my helping missionaries one day to a beautiful tropical paradise and enjoy the locals while sharing our stories with them. The goal is to share the Love of God and the Gospel message with EVERYONE!

Whose with me!!?

More information
coming soon!

Join us on an
upcoming Mission Trip.

Thank you for donating to Maps with a Mission. God Bless You! - JAM

New Beginnings - Maps With A Mission
We are a 501c3 since 3/17/2023.

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